Transfer 2.1 Update

First and foremost I wanna say Hi to the new followers I’ve gained this week! As you all scroll back on this blog &my Instagram page, you can definitely see that NO two journeys are the same! And with that… Wednesday’s beta test was negative. Yes, you read correctly: Our attempt at Journey 2.1 has resulted in no pregnancy. Not the news that myself or my Intended Parents (IPs for short) wanted but it is the news that we got.

These things happen, we don’t know why a lot of the times, but they do. There’s no fault or finger pointing, so anyone who does go through a failed transfer either surrogate or IP, like I said with February’s loss, try not to blame yourselves. My heart goes out once again to my IPs as they finagle through it all. I don’t know what’s next but I do know that I support their choice either way and will be there anyway that I can.

So what’s next you ask? I stop the medications so my body can go back to “normal” and wait for a period. I’ll also patiently wait and see what steps my IPs choose to take. Thank you all for being on this ride with me either since day one or recently… they don’t call it a journey for nothing.

I think my taking my time with researching surrogacy and not going into it blindly helped. Seeing things go all kinds of different ways, up, down all around…helped me not take things to heart. I’ll always have my biggest smile on and remain positive and cautiously optimistic. Some may take that as me not caring. Some girls do really take it personal and to heart and sometimes take it harder than their IPs. Did I shed a tear? You bet I did! I wanted this for my IPs because they are amazing people and deserve to get their baby and for it to not happen at the moment we had intended yes, it is sad. Am I having a hard time coping and doing the blame came and becoming a wreck and having a hard time moving forward…negative.

That isn’t me and I will always find a shining light in even the darkest of situations. Optimism and positivity has always kept me going! Some hate that about me, but between me and you, I wasn’t placed on this here Earth to be a people pleaser. While everyone is entitled to their individual feelings, I feel that with being a surrogate comes having some sort of tough skin and flexibility. I cannot stress enough now things change so much and no journey is the same! You have to keep that in mind every single step of the way because in the blink of an eye anything can happen. This second attempt at surrogacy and bringing another baby (or babies) Earthside is not discouraging me and I do plan to continue to keep moving forward. If my IPs choose to continue with me (which I really hope that they do!) I will be ready when they are, no matter what. If they have other plans that do not include me, yes I’ll be down but will wish they well in whatever is next! They are an amazing couple who deserve to get the family they want.

Again, thank you all for reading, following and well wishes and prays for myself and my IPs. It does not go unnoticed. I hope you all have an amazing day and remember to stay safe, and stay home!!



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