I’m Still Standing!!!

Happy Friday!!!
(I know that may sound kind of strange especially since the world has been shut down the last couple of months and for most of America, everyday seems like Groundhog Day 🙃) but I like to count every victory even the smallest ones like making it to Friday healthy and killin’ another working from home week!

I’ve had some folks reach out like “are you still on your journey?” or “did you give up and quit?” The answers for those questions are no and hell no 😂. You know that phrase “hurry up…wait” game that surrogacy brings?? Well this my friends is the wait lol. My last update I shared that we are still moving forward as my IPs create more embryos and this is still where we are 🙂. For some it’s a drag, for me and my ol’ 5’10” ray of sunshine self I’m seeing it as all things happen for a reason and when they are ready, so will I! We are hoping for an early summer transfer…only time will tell!

…soo what have I been doing to pass the time and why am I sweaty and looking a hot (both physically and literally 😜) mess in this picture? I have been taking the time to buckle down and incorporate some daily exercises 🏋🏾‍♀️ since gyms are still closed and I’m working from home 💻. Aside from it being good for me, it has really helped keep me busy while waiting for the next steps! I’m no pro or body builder but I have been doing my best and keeping myself on my toes and the goal is to keep at it through transfer (well pausing when I have to) so that I will have a routine established that I can carry on into a pregnancy (hopefully!). I have completed a 14 day challenge, using Studio Sweat on Demand for workouts, walking and LIGHT (and I mean light, I have bad knees lol) jogging, and currently ending week 1 of a 6 week challenge.

So I didn’t want much, just letting everyone know yes I’m still around and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!! I hope you all continue to remain safe and healthy!

With Love, Chelsea


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