Guess Who’s Back…

…back again. Chelsea’s back….tell a friend! Or whatever Slim Shady said!  

My oh my has it been forever! So much has changed since my last entry in May 2020 and my last Instagram post a year ago this month! I guess I’ll give y’all a rundown of the rundown and it goes a little something like this:

-For my long-term followers you all know that my second journey didn’t go as planned. It ended in being not successful after two attempts total. My IPs decided to go the egg donor route and I decided to wait it out and see how it goes.

Our moving announcement 😦
  • June 2020 I found out that the lovely Uncle Sam gave my husband orders to Northern Virginia with us needing to be in the area by the end of December. That was a hard pill to swallow because San Diego was all I know and all my children know I never wanted to leave. I mean yes I knew I married someone in the military but we had always decided that I would stay in San Diego with the kids to keep some continuity for them. However after deciding to compromise and be a good wife I told my husband sure I’ll go to hell oops I mean Virginia with you. Due to COVID and employment not being a stable factor, we decide to rent versus sell…which was also hard cause it was our first home and I liked it because it was ours 😦
  • December 2020: We get here just a few days shy of my 33rd birthday. My first birthday away from family, my first Christmas away from family it was the struggle of all times 😦 It had also been a whole year now since my IPs and I signed contracts…which were still active.
  • June 2021: My IP‘s decided to go ahead and break our match. No love lost, no harm done! I 100% respected their decision! I went ahead and completed a new profile ready to get this journey number three on the road. A couple of bumps in the road lead to months of being given a profile but it wasn’t the end I just kept on keeping on.

Now here we are October 2021 and my little engine is finally doing some chuggin! I’ve been given a profile to look over and I think that family is pretty darn amazing I could definitely sense the love and I decided to go ahead and give it a shot and meet (again that whole Tinder/blind date type feel with each other only knowing what’s on each other’s profile!). We are set to meet Monday afternoon via video chat and I’m getting that nervous feeling like I’ve gotten twice before when meeting potential IPs. So I need all of the positive smooth meeting vibes and I need y’all to give them to me from wherever you are and send them down to this interesting place I call my TLQ (that’s short for Temporary Living Quarters. Y’all can read about how I’m adjusting to live here).

I am super stoked to be back in the game and I look forward to what essentially journey number three will bring me! I hope y’all have an amazing rest of the week and amazing weekend and I hope to have some good news within the next week or so ❤



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