We Swiped Right!

Yes I have been officially matched for round 3! My IPs and I hit it off instantly! It all flowed so well I didn’t get through many of my questions from my previous entry (to read, click here) but I can tell it won’t be much of an issue. The way it flowed we touched on the good stuff and I felt it was a perfect match. That may sound cliche, but when you know…you know. It all felt so genuine and natural, not stiff and stale.

My “YOU MATCHED!” package from SAI 🙂

While both of us clicked very well I may add, I want to thank SAI for making it happen and taking the time to look at like minded profiles on each end and seeing if we both would swipe right! That’s something you can’t quite get going independent…and one of the many reasons I chose to work with an agency (Lightbulb! I think I just came up with a future blog topic!). 

I have my psychological screening next, via video chat since I’m no longer local (insert sad face) and once that goes well…up next: medical screening! That’s the big appointment to make sure the hormones, uterus, cervix and all of that are in tip top condition for surrogacy. If that’s a go, then the next pit stop is legal! I apologize for the lack of update here but I’ve been just I don’t know, breezing by with my head in the books (literally, I have got back into reading)! My next update shall be me saying I passed psych and coming up on medical next!

Give me all the good positive vibes…I could use them all! 

XOXO, Chelsea


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