3/21 Transfer Day!!

Written 3/23, published 3/26. The tiredness is REAL y’all. I’m hoping this means baby is baking and getting super comfortable!!

Plane ride back to VA 😦

…well it was actually a couple of days ago. March 21st to be exact! But it came and went and I couldn’t have been any happier. I usually would have given an update by now but: 1. I didn’t have a 3-day strict bedrest and 2. It was in San Diego where I had the luxury to enjoy friends and family! But I’m currently in flight back to h…ahem, *Virginia* and what better time to have the focus to write an update than on the last 2.24hrs of my flight.

I flew into town a couple of days early for my transfer which was amazing! As you may know (or don’t know if you’re just now joining my journey) I now work for SAI and have for a few months now. It seems like much longer (in a good way!) but I was able to not only work in person for the day, but also celebrate our 24th year of being in the business of gestational surrogacy. Now that I’m behind the scenes, I have such a bigger appreciation for all that goes into the process and I’m constantly in awe of how seamless they make it. I’m also honored to now be a part of building families in a greater sense and literally there from the beginning, starting with intake. And to go even deeper, I’m appreciative of my followers of both this blog and my Instagram account! If it weren’t for you all, I would not be in the position that I am and I’ll always and forever be grateful. I realize I took a deep left turn…let’s get back on track!

Happy 24th Anniversary SAI!

So in a quick nutshell: mama, tacos, the nervousness of transfer, family, nerves, more tacos, friends, food I’ve missed since the last time I was in town, DISNEYLAND, churros, Sea World, more nerves, sunshine, acupuncture, transfer, more acupuncture, fries, bedrest, last day in town chilling, back to VA.

IT’S THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: EMBRYO TRANSFER!!! Started it off with a pre-transfer treatment with the amazing team at Conception Wellness. They are just as amazing as they were the last time I saw them in 2020! I had my mama and Aramis in tow and I got set up for some pre-transfer acupuncture! Made the quick drive back to San Diego Fertility Center for the magic to happen. I got a picture of the embryo at thaw and right before transfer and right before the transfer, it was already beginning to hatch!!! I had never seen that for any of my transfers, so I was in awe. Another amazing thing? I was able to video chat my IPs so they could be present and I’m glad they were available despite the 8 hour time difference. Because they are far away, I want them to be able to feel as included as possible and keep them up to speed every step of the way. I wish you all could see the looks on their faces, and if I’m being honest, I had to keep my hormones at bay because they wanted their five minutes of fame! Transfer took all of 5 minutes and in those few minutes they were able to see baby their little embryo go to it’s living quarters for the next 40 or so weeks Lord willing. Rested for 10 minutes and then it was off for transfer fries and lunch for my little guy and mama. Last stop…conception wellness for a post-transfer treatment!! I’m going to miss those ladies in person. They treated my mama and son with such kindness, Amy even gave my mom a clipping for the Marmaduke. Went home for my bedrest and hoped and prayed baby got comfy!!!


Tuesday was a chill day, cramps weren’t as intense as they were Monday, but still there. Did a little bit of work via bedside, had lunch with some friends (had to eat all of the good stuff Virginia lacks!) then home to chill. Seen the last bit of most of my sistah friends and before I knew it, it was time to set my clock for 3:45am!

And now here we are, an hour from landing! I’ve had some bouts of queasiness, tons of hormonal rollercoaster moments, and just the nerves of “I hope hcg is a success”. My first blood draw is on April Fool’s Day and the second draw is 3 days later. Overall, things have been smooth! I’m blessed I was able to enjoy this transfer trip to the fullest!! Last but not least, if you have read this until the end, I know it was a novel but I appreciate you taking a little time to enjoy my blog.

Please send me tons of sticky thoughts, baby dust and positive vibes for Baby to make my womb their home!

Xoxo, Chelsea

Just a snippet of transfer day…and us at Disneyland!

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