Two Weeks, Post Transfer #3

Transfer complete!

Okay, maybe not exactly 2 weeks but I’m pretty damn close! To be honest, I wasn’t even sure a transfer would even happen! The last 72-hours leading up to my transfer were hellishly stressful; with fluid inside of my uterus we didn’t think I would have a transfer! But by the grace of God Himself, it disappeared within 24-hours of transfer…the third check was truly the charm. After that crazy ride, transfer day came and went and it was very smooth. I went and had my transfer fries (and a HiC orange…the only reason I ever go to McDonald’s!), and then settled in for the next 24 hours of chill. The difference this go round? My babies were in town with me! They are spending most of the summer in San Diego (lucky ducks!) with my mom and to be honest, it was comforting having them near. I have always come home to them after a transfer (in some way, shape, or form). So there was definitely comfort in having that familiarity. The 3 of us even got comfy in my mom’s bed and watched Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness…life was good. Once my 24-hours were up, I had dinner with my sistahs before heading back to he…Virginia.

Transfer fries 🙂

Chelsea squirrel moment: if you are traveling for transfer, for the love of everything make sure you check the bags and get the wheelchair escort! Granted after whatever bedrest period the transfer protocol entails, you are free to go about life however, you must still take it easy. Traveling post transfer is definitely stressful: you’re wondering if the transfer took, all while wanting to make sure you make your flight on time, find the right gate, HOPING said gate is close (I despise the ATL airport!) oh yeah…and trying to take it easy! Sounds like a recipe of disaster if you ask me. Most protocols have you on a weight limit so check that bag! That way, you aren’t lifting or bending excessively or trying to finagle a bag out of the overhead bin or having to drag it from gate to gate, shuttle to shuttle. Next: the wheelchair! This will be a Godsend! When booking your flight, you can add to have wheelchair assistance. By having this post transfer, this helps you not get your body all ramped up and allows you to get from A to B, with help and on time. It’s easy, free, and no judgment. This transfer, while I waited to board, I was allowed to board first and get settled in my seat without anyone behind or next to me, nonverbally rushing me. When I arrived for my layover, a wheelchair escort waited for me and took me to the next gate. At the final destination, another chair was waiting for me and wheeled me to the baggage claim. She helped get my bag, put it under the chair, and wheeled me to my husband. No mess, no stress. Just Chelsea’s two cents 🙂

Anywho, here is what I have been feeling the last 11 days:

My latest obsession that I’m not fond of!
  • Sleepy
  • Moody (sorry babe!)
  • Exhausted
  • Wanting the most random foods (I’ve been eating chips guys…CHIPS! RapSnacks to be exact. I don’t eat chips!)
  • Being a crybaby (Stranger Things 4, Lightyear…anything on TV, I’m crying)
  • And did I mentioned, sleepy??

To be completely honest, all of these things are leading me to believe the transfer took. They are all reminiscent of what I have felt in all of my pregnancies (especially the exhaustion) and it definitely makes me happy inside!  At the same time, there is that other side of the coin where I’m thinking “maybe it’s the hormones” since with IVF you are preparing your body for pregnancy prior to the embryo transfer so that it thinks there is pregnancy before a pregnancy is established in hopes of the embryo implanting. Talk about a freakin rollercoaster man, so many ups and downs, rounds and rounds all while remaining optimistic…but from a cautious standpoint. 

They say things come in threes and so far, that’s what it is looking like: it took three ultrasounds before my transfer to see if I would even have a transfer. Once we got over that hump, I went into my third transfer. They say third times a charm, right? Well, we will find out in 3 days 🙂

XOXO, Chelsea

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