About Me

My name is Chelsea and I am plenty of things:25353947_1453772378055250_6738083474512747812_n

  • An educator
  • A hot mess
  • A wife
  • A mother
  • A daughter
  • A sister

….you get my drift! I am also…..are you ready??? Drum roll PLLLLEEEEAAASSSSE: a gestational surrogate! I have always wanted to dab into blogging (the old school definition of dab, not that new stuff kids are doing these days) so I figured why not start now?! My wonderful husband Pedro and I are parents to 2 boys: Toothless who is 13, and Terramis who is 5. They complete our family because as of November 2017 I chose to undergo a tubal salpingectomy (aka, I have no more fallopian tubes aka no more babies permanently). But I enjoyed being pregnant so much, I have decided to have a baby for those who cannot on their own. I have friends and family members who struggle with becoming pregnant and I feel that children are a gift from above and if I can say that I, Chelsea Hernandez helped someone complete their family by carrying their little bundle of joy…then let the games begin!!!