Two Weeks, Post Transfer #3

Transfer complete! Okay, maybe not exactly 2 weeks but I’m pretty damn close! To be honest, I wasn’t even sure a transfer would even happen! The last 72-hours leading up to my transfer were hellishly stressful; with fluid inside of my uterus we didn’t think I would have a transfer! But by the grace of … Continue reading Two Weeks, Post Transfer #3


A Familiarity That Is Becoming TOO Familiar

So as we all know my first transfer in March failed. Not the outcome that we wanted, but it’s the outcome that we got. I was given another transfer date (yay!) and started cycle number two! This go round I was even more careful that ever, even consistently had an accupuncture routine going on…I wanted … Continue reading A Familiarity That Is Becoming TOO Familiar

3/21 Transfer Day!!

Written 3/23, published 3/26. The tiredness is REAL y’all. I’m hoping this means baby is baking and getting super comfortable!! Plane ride back to VA 😦 …well it was actually a couple of days ago. March 21st to be exact! But it came and went and I couldn’t have been any happier. I usually would … Continue reading 3/21 Transfer Day!!

We Have A Date!!

Me siento muy...excited! I’ve finally got a tentative transfer date!!!! March 21st at 11:15am I am scheduled to hopefully become PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise) and I’m super excited. It’s crazy, it seems that you can be on your first journey or your third yet you still get extremely excited when you get that official … Continue reading We Have A Date!!

Just Keep Swimming…

So I wish this was one of my happier posts but, it’s not. This is the one about the transfer that didn’t stick around. The numbers that didn’t double. The once successful transfer that is now not so successful.  An area of surrogacy some don’t like to talk about because it’s not rainbows and unicorns.  … Continue reading Just Keep Swimming…